Finding the stories that move you

The app

Book recommendations, a brand new way


You are a unique individual, not someone 'like' anybody else. We let you be the sole explorer of the books that move you.


We unpack thousands of stories, characters and universes, so that you can find the people, places and times that you need.


You probably need different books depending on the mood you are in. We can find the right match for every moment of your life.


What we believe in

  • Privacy

    We don't need your data to help you. The app works without profiles, passwords, cloud accounts, or anything else that tracks you.

  • In-depth knowledge

    Like any good book critic, Toppix goes at the core of books, analysing their style and remembering scenes and characters in the utmost detail.

  • The latest technology

    Toppix uses state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms to learn about books.

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    of the